We are proud to employ a highly skilled and passionate instructors, ‘meet’ them below:

Mia Ferreira is a Sandringham local, professional writer and certified Iyengar yoga teacher. Her personal yoga practice and training spans more than 15 years, and she’s been teaching corporate and small group yoga classes around Melbourne for the past eight years. When she’s not teaching, practicing or writing, you’ll find Mia enjoying long walks along the foreshore and dips in the bay, live music, theatre, art galleries, books, good food and anything creative or out in nature. Follow @oh_my_yoga on Instagram to see more!

Pei Pei Sim started her professional career as an accountant before quickly realising that her heart lay in wanting to work with people to help improve their mental and physical wellbeing. After completing an International Yoga Instructor Course, her interest in the mind-body connection and its effect on both physical and mental wellbeing led her to Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qigong. She has trained with Professor Sun Han Xiang and Shifu Tara Brayshaw, been actively involved in all aspects of Taijiquan and Qigong, and competed at the WTQA National Competition in 2013 where she won gold and silver medals. More information about Pei Pei can be found at JinLi Wushu-Tai Chi: About Pei Pei.

Rod Fuller is a Certificate III and IV qualified personal trainer who specialises in exercise techniques for adults 50+. He created the functional fitness program after seeing the declining fitness levels of friends and colleagues as they got older, leading to a gradual loss of their active and fulfilling lifestyles. Building strength and fitness is the key to getting that back, and Rod is passionate about helping older adults to get active and take on new challenges. Check out Fuller Fit for more information.

Peter Hendricks started his swimming career later in life. Having learnt the basics as a child, he did not actively start swimming again until the year 2000. As a result, he is very empathetic and understands the challenges faced by the majority of adults wanting to improve their swimming. Peter’s knowledge, patient style, and passion for teaching is what sets him aside from other coaches. Peter is an accomplished Open Water Swimmer and has participated in 1,000’s of Open Water Swims and Marathons. You can find more about Peter at SwimWell: About Peter.

Sarah Fornataro is passionate about sharing Pilates with the wider community and believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the amazing benefits Pilates can offer. Sarah was first introduced to Pilates 10 years ago while studying dance full time. Sarah’s classes are a place where individuals of all abilities are welcome. She has completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with National Pilates Training. Follow Sarah on Instagram @everybody_pilates for more!