Working With Children Check

“We encourage a child safe environment and require all members over the age of 18 to hold a Working with Children Check that includes Sandringham LSC and Life Saving Victoria as a listed organisation”

Please be advised that it is a Victorian State requirement that any person aged over 18 years of age needs to hold a valid Victorian Working with Children Check if they are actively involved with children’s activities. All members of Sandringham LSC who are over the age of 18 will need to hold a valid Working with Children Check. All the information can be found via the Department of Justice website.

The Working with Children Check can be completed in paper form (paperwork is available from Australia Post) or you can click here. Please ensure you click Volunteer rather than Employee to avoid charges).

When completing the form, please add the following data:

Occupational codes:
42 (clubs and associations) and 10 (overnight camps)

Organisations that you belong to (please add both, along with any others that you may be part of). Enter addresses as below.
Sandringham Life Saving club
PO Box 15 Sandringham
Victoria 3191
03 9598 2340

Life Saving Victoria
PO Box 353 South Melbourne
Victoria 3205
03 9676 6900

If you already hold a Working with Children Check, please also log onto the Department of Justice website and update your details to include the organisations and codes as above. 

Please note that we will be unable to process your membership if we do not have record that you hold a Working with Children Check.

For further information about the check, please contact