Nippers runs on Saturday afternoons from 3:00 till 4:30 (please see the dates below) and is always followed by a sausage sizzle and icy pole up in the clubhouse (for a gold coin donation). 

Nippers will commence at 3pm on Saturday 4th December through to and including 18th December.  Nippers will recommence after Christmas on 29th January through to 12th March.

It’s a wonderful way to keep the kids active, learn about water and beach safety, while getting to know families in your local community!

Please arrive by 2.45pm and line up on the beach at your age group flag.

The children take part in races on the sand, team games, relays, learn board skills and even CPR.

The younger age groups (U6 and U7) only go in to the water to knee height and their session finishes at 4:00 as they are usually tired out by then! We strongly encourage parents to don their bathers and get involved helping our volunteer age managers (or even becoming one!), as it’s great fun and the kids love having you involved. We require you to be on the beach and close at hand during the session, so you might as well join in too!

Make sure to bring gold coins for sausage sizzle and icy pole after!

Questions? Please email